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Hotel Registration Windows

Qualified Window
Recognition Window
: 2-day advanced booking window

Opens Monday, June 25th at 9AM PT

Closes Wednesday, June 27th at 8:59AM PT

  • 2018 Elite
  • 2018 Premiere
  • Superstars
  • Lifetime 5 Star & Above (as of June 15th, bonus week ending 6/14)
  • Current All Star Legends (as of May 31, 2018)
  • Current All Stars (as of May 31, 2018)

General Window
Opens Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 9AM PT
Closes Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 11:59PM PT

NOTE: Registering outside of your eligible window will result in the cancellation of your reservation(s). If your reservation is canceled for booking outside of your registration window, you will receive an email notifying you of the cancellation and you will be refunded your entire deposit.  You will need to book a new reservation when the site reopens for general booking at 9AM PT on Wednesday, June 27th. If your preferred hotel and/or room type is unavailable at the time of rebooking, you will need to add yourself to the pending wait list. Once a room that meets your specifications is available, you will automatically be charged the deposit on one night's room and tax and will receive a room confirmation via email.

All reservations are handled through our third-party partner, Experient. Hotel room availability is on a first come, first served basis through Experient only. The Experient site is accessible on and is live 24 hours a day showing current availability. If a hotel doesn't show up on, this means that the Team Beachbody discounted rooms are sold out at that property, but rooms at the hotel's regular rates may still be available; you may contact the hotel directly to reserve a room at their normal rate. As Coaches make and cancel reservations throughout the year, availability of Team Beachbody discounted rate rooms will continue to fluctuate, so check back often for the most up-to-date list of hotels with discounted room rates available.

Hotel/Room Details

CLICK HERE for Pricing Options

Summit tickets do not include lodging. There are negotiated Team Beachbody rates at a number of different hotels. Each hotel has different policies, pricing, occupancy rules, and a limited number of rooms available at the negotiated rates. Specific rates and details will not be listed in this FAQ due to the complexity and range of options.

Note: Hotel room bookings for 2019 will be available at the special Team Beachbody discount rates beginning Monday, June 25, 2018 at 9AM PT in a qualified, tiered reservations process (details below). The housing website will not be available after Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Reservation Details

General Reservation Details – Room Blocks

Deposit: To confirm your reservation, a credit card deposit of one night's room and tax for the respective hotel will be required and applied immediately.

Modifying Your Reservation: If you need to cancel your room or change your check-in and checkout dates you may do so via email to or by calling Experient at 1 (800) 967-8852. If calling outside the USA or Canada, please call 1 (847) 996-5832. After Wednesday, June 19, 2019 all changes must go directly through each individual hotel property.

Declined Credit Cards: A valid credit card must be used in order to confirm your hotel reservation. If you believe you are receiving a declined message in error, please reach out to your banking institution and try again.

Cancellation: A $25 cancellation fee will apply for any room canceled between the time of booking and May 31, 2019. Your entire deposit of one night's room and tax will be nonrefundable after May 31, 2019—NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do NOT call or email Team Beachbody to cancel your room, modify an existing reservation, or request a refund. Team Beachbody will NOT be able to facilitate housing requests and neither Team Beachbody nor Experient will be able to grant refunds.

Team Beachbody Discounted Rate: All Team Beachbody discounted rates MUST be booked through Experient. However, if the rooms at the Team Beachbody discounted rate are sold out, you may call the hotel directly to book a room, but will be subject to the hotel's then-published standard rate and will NOT be eligible for the Team Beachbody discounted rate.

Directly Contacting Participating Hotels: Please do NOT call the participating hotels directly about your reservation within the Team Beachbody room block until AFTER the closing date of Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Please contact Experient with any housing inquiries prior to Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Housing Closing Date: The housing website will not be available after Wednesday, June 19, 2019. After this date, all reservations must be made through the hotels DIRECTLY and the Team Beachbody discounted rates are no longer and will be at the discretion of the hotel.

Hotel Room Transfers

Name and/or form of deposit payment changes can be made by calling Experient at 1 (800) 967-8852 through June 19, 2019. If calling outside the USA or Canada, please call 1 (847) 996-5832.  If a change to the form of deposit payment is requested, the original deposit already taken will NOT be refunded until the deposit is successfully charged to the new form of payment.

It is the SOLE responsibility of the guest and the transfer recipient to confirm reservation payment is accurate. Neither Beachbody nor Experient will be responsible in any way for failure to do so.  Any monetary transactions or financial matters relating to individual room transfers must be handled solely by you and the new recipient of your room—NO EXCEPTIONS.

Reservation Wait list Details – Room Block

To be placed on a waiting list for rooms at the Team Beachbody discounted rate, please go here and enter your desired dates, click "Search Hotels," and select the "Hotel Assignment Pending" option. By selecting "Hotel Assignment Pending," you are adding yourself to the wait list. As rooms become available, Experient will assign them by using the date and time order in which wait list reservation was made. The dollar amount listed for your wait list reservation is $0 since you are NOT actually booking a hotel room reservation.

Adding your credit card to your wait list reservation: Your credit card will NOT be charged the deposit of one night's room and tax unless you are removed from the wait list and granted a hotel reservation.

Deposit and intent to book a reservation: *IMPORTANT!* By placing yourself on our wait list, you are confirming that you intend to book a room at the Team Beachbody rate and are agreeing to pay the deposit of one night’s room and tax if you are granted a reservation. If you do not want to be charged the deposit when potentially granted a hotel reservation, please remove yourself from the wait list immediately.

Removing your name from the wait list: You may cancel your "Hotel Assignment Pending" wait list reservation at any time without penalty. Please call Experient at 1 (800) 967-8852 to remove yourself from the wait list. If calling outside of the USA or Canada, please call 1 (847) 996-5832.

Reservation Cancellation: If you are granted a hotel reservation and moved off of the wait list, all personal information provided when creating your wait list request will immediately be transferred to the new hotel reservation and your credit card will be charged a deposit of one night's room and tax. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your reservation. It is your responsibility to monitor your inbox and acquire your confirmation email. Please be sure to check ALL folders in your inbox and monitor your spam.

Reaching out to hotels directly: If you would prefer to not join the wait list, you may book a reservation directly with the hotels at their then-published standard rates. The Team Beachbody rate will NOT be available when booking directly with the hotels. Additionally, neither Team Beachbody nor Experient will be able to modify the rate of a reservation made directly with the hotel.